Naval Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation

Innovating the way navies are training, Prescient’s cutting-edge NCMI system is key to enhancing the crew’s command and control abilities for real-time surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, and air-to-surface warfare.

Our advanced NCMI system features real-time post-exercise debriefs capabilities. In a real-time exercise control and debrief, the instructor can plan the exercise according to training objectives and doctrines. Our intelligent CGF can emulate advanced simulated virtual threats, and “live” participants can be introduced into the exercise for added operational complexities and realism.

Via the High Level architecture (HLA) standard, the NCMI enabled vessels can network with other training systems. An example, our NCMI can interoperate with live aircraft, equipped with our Advanced Air Manoeuvring Instrumentation (AACMI) pods, to engage in a single, live anti-air warfare training scenario.

System Components

Shore Monitoring Station

  • Shore Relay Station
  • Ship NCMI Systems
  • Shore Debriefing Station
  • Integration of NCMI to existing shipboard systems


  • Train Anywhere
  • Comprehensive Mission Planning
  • Computer Generated Forces
  • Shore or Ship-Based Debrief
  • Emulation or Stimulation of Combat Systems
  • Clear Training/Operational Mode Distinctions
  • Multiple Level Training
  • Intra Ship/Inter Ship
  • Ship to Air
  • CIC Team & Sub Team Training
  • User Configurable Weapon & Platform Models

Datalink Features

  • Compatible with AACMI Datalink
  • Interoperable with AACMI for Surface Acoustic Wave
  • Channel Diversity – S-band, Satcom, VHF, etc.
  • Supports User-Defined Encryption

Ship-Based/ Shore De-brief Features

  • Integrable with Shore-Based Tactical Trainers

Shore Monitoring and Debriefing Station (SMAD)

The SMAD is located on shore. This is the main facility that prepares, monitors, controls, debriefs and evaluates all exercises. The SMAD is connected to the ships via the NCMI simulation network using the SMAD data link system.

Ship Combat Instrumented System (SCIS)

The Ship Combat Instrumented System (SCIS), the NCMI backbone, is deployed on board every ship. All ships in a NCMI exercise are connected to the NCMI simulation network via the SCIS data link system. To complete the training loop of the NCMI exercise, the SCIS can effectively simulate different weapon platforms and generate CGF and virtual entities. Ship borne local monitoring and exercise control is also supported through the Portable Debriefing Station that is linked to the ship LAN.

Simulation Network

The Integrated Communication System is responsible for maintaining physical connectivity among the SCIS ships and shore station. The Integrated Communication System forms the simulation network that allows all participants to stay connected in real-time training. The unique data link algorithms also ensure that the data exchanges between participants are shored up and maintained without overloading the network; thereby minimising training disruptions and improving force effectiveness.

Operational Benefits

  • Train as You Fight
  • Real-time Training on Real Equipment on Board Ship
  • User Configurable Weapon and Platform Models
  • Unrestricted Area of Operations
  • Effective Monitoring and Control
  • Full Scale Confederated Training
  • CIC Team and Sub Team Training
  • Interactive Surface-to-Surface and Surface-to-Air Warfare
  • Improve Crew Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Rehearse Missions and Operational Plans
  • Exercise Evaluation i.e. Training Analysis Management Information System (TAMIS)
  • Testing of Doctrine Concepts
  • Scalable and Configurable System; e.g. Combat System Emulator