Public Safety Training Centres

In any major disaster, natural or man-made, the role of the Public Safety and Security services, such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance services are paramount in helping to save lives and property.  In many cases, it is necessary for these services and their related organisations to have in place the skills and processes to attend to such calamities either jointly or severally.

Prescient Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd, has, together with our customer conducted a study on a national scale to assess the needs of individual public safety and security organisations within that country with a view to integrating the training requirements of the individual services.

Such a Public Safety Training Centre would encompass the following types of training zones and training wings:

This Public Safety Training Centre is designed to address the need for intra- and inter- agency training to support situations which would require multi-agency responses.  It would also be a platform to formulate new doctrines and processes based on the inherent experimentation allowed by such a facility.

An Integrated Simulation Centre would be the crux of such a complex, providing a central joint training and assessment centre with multi-agency participation.