Armoured Gunnery & Tactical Simulator

AGTS01Prescient’s Armoured Gunnery and Tactical Simulator (AGTS) is a vital tool to support training for the modern armour war fighter. The system is able to provide concurrent operator and tactical training in a realistic simulated battlefield for all crew members. This provides the crew with the most realistic experience available of fighting in an active threat environment either individually or as a member or members of a platoon, short of engaging in actual combat.The AGTS is able to train individual and collective precision gunner tasks/skills for individual crew through to platoon level, precision gunnery fire control and fire distribution from various levels including section, platoon, tactical team, combat team and command post. With the AGTS, crews can be trained in combat arms command and control, movement and tactical operations up to a combat team level with the potential to grow to an armoured battle group level.


  •     Improve Weapon Proficiency
  •     Enhance Operational Capabilities
  •     Enhance Command-and- Control Procedures
  •     Evaluate Net-Centric Warfare Operations
  •     Evaluate Tactics and Doctrine Provides:
  •     Individual Gunnery, Driving and/or Joint Team Training
  •     Advanced Gunnery Tactical Training
  •     Force-on-Force Training


  •     High Fidelity Simulation and Modelling
  •     Intelligent Computer Generated Forces
  •     Reconfigurable, Multi-Vehicular Platforms
  •     Comprehensive After-Action Review
  •     Broad Training Record Management