Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation

Prescient’s proven Advanced Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (AACMI) System is a cutting-edge, three-dimensional tracking and recording system that provides rangeless, real-time training, monitoring and debriefing for aerial combat. It presents capabilities for an objective training and assessment via real-time monitoring, recording and replaying of missions for briefing and debriefing of combat aircrews.

System Overview

Our AACMI System features:

The Pod

Designed with the same aerodynamic performance of an actual missile pod, our AACMI pod is an exact replica of the missile type it replaces. The homogeneity includes its physical dimensions, weight, mechanical and, electrical and EMI/EMC characteristics. Our AACMI pod allows for real-time data transmission, reception and relay between the aircraft and the ground Real Time Monitoring Station, as well as storage for combat outcome assessment and debriefing.

The AACMI pod, incorporated with GPS satellite technology, is retrofitted onto the aircraft. The flight data is captured and recorded in data cartridges that can be easily removed for After-action review at the Real Time Monitoring Station or Ground Debriefing Station.

Real Time Monitoring Station

The combat and flight data of the aircrew is relayed at the Real Time Monitoring Station. This data is used to monitor the training scenarios in real time as well as to conduct post flight debrief during the After-action reviews.

Ground Debriefing Station (GDS)

The GDS provides specific and consistent training scenarios for all pilots and instructors in the AACMI exercise. This enhanced system feature allows real-time monitoring of the operations as well as to aid both the pilots and instructors in the understanding of the aircraft deployment in the exercise.

Some screenshots from the GDS are shown below: