Naval Tactical Trainer

Prescient’s Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT) provides integrated, multi-level simulated training from Combat Information Center teams through to ship command teams. It comprises of a complex network of computers distributed into multiple player consoles and Game Control consoles.

The Game Control consoles allow the instructors to control and monitor multi-dimensional training. Here, the instructor can define a scenario comprising of a multi-threat gaming area, atmospheric and oceanographic conditions, composition of CGF forces, inventory of sensors and weapons, initial positions, mission goals and constraints. In addition, the Game Control consoles provide the instructors a means to evaluate and debrief exercises through its intuitive interfaces. With the availability of more than one Game Control consoles, multiple simultaneous exercises can be achieved.

To simulate a realistic combat environment, the NTT includes a definable weapon management system. Weapons behavior such as type of guidance, launch profiles, cruise and terminal phases, homing-head range and homing criteria are included into the computation of the weapon effects. The weapons trajectories and positions are periodically updated and transmitted across the network so that the weapons can be tracked by radar, sonar or other sensors.

A detailed damage assessment module will register and assess the ship’s damage status upon weapon impact. Sensors are realistically modeled in the NTT which include radar, sonar, electronic warfare systems, IFF, IR, MAD, and visual sensors.

 System Features:

  • Networked PC-Based System
  • Detailed Database and Scenario Generation Facility
  • Accurate Modelling of Weapons and Behaviours (Tracked/ Non-Tracked)
  • Hit/ Miss Assessment
  • Scenario Generator
  • Computer Generated Forces of Surface, Sub Surface & Air Entities
  • Realistic Multi-Platforms
  • Configurable Platform’s Composition
  • Configurable Gaming Environment & Parameters
  • Exercise Parameters Changes (On the Fly/ Not on the Fly)
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Different Environmental Conditions e.g. Meteorological Areas, Visibility, Sea States etc
  • Definable Sensors & Weapons
  • Accurate Firing & Detection Simulation
  • Motion Simulation
  • Communications Model and Control
  • Data Link Simulation
  • Command & Control Simulation
  • Logistics Simulation
  • Comprehensive Monitor/ Control & debrief
  • DIS/HLA Compatible
  • Platform Configurable Weapons and Sensors
  • Exercise Automation and Game Control
  • Upgradable and Modular COTS System
  • Scalability and Growth Option

Training Features

  • Multi-Level Training e.g. Patrol Vessels, Missile Gun Boats
  • Elementary Training e.g. Close Formation/ Wheeling
  • Command Team Training in ASW/ AMD Operations
  • Improve Decision Making Process for Commanders & Staff Officers
  • Rehearsal of Missions & Operational Plans
  • Test Beds for Operational Pans
  • Test Beds for Doctrines Concepts and Tactical Plans
  • Supports Training for Naval/ Merchant Ships and Airborne Platforms
  • Evaluate Combat Capabilities of New Weapons
  • Study of  Strategic Plans
  • Multi-Dimensional Environment
  • Accurate Debriefing
  • Voice and Data Communication