Helicopter Simulators

Prescient Systems & Technologies’ helicopter simulator is built on the fundamental principle of “Training Realistically, Safely and Reliably”. Our high fidelity rotary-wing simulators allow pilots to train in a highly realistic environment.  A valuable training tool, our simulator training reduces training costs associated with operation of the actual helicopter as well as minimizes losses resulting from crew errors.

Utilising our proven technologies in the development and support of simulators, our helicopter simulators support a wide range of crew training from ab-initio pilot training through to continuity training for experienced pilots and technicians.

Training Without Taking to the Skies

  • Training & Maintaining of Proficiency Level of Pilots
  • Supports All Flight Manoeuvres including Hovering
  • High Fidelity Flight Characteristics using Rotor-Blade Element Modelling
  • Supports 6 D.O.F Motion Requirements
  • Emergency Procedures Training
  • Full IFR Avionics (Aircraft Dependent)
  • Acquisition of Skills in the Use of Airborne Systems
  • Enhanced Visual Systems
  • Digital Sound Simulation with Sensurround Rotor Sound Effects
  • Computer Generated Imagery Instrument Display system (Optional)
  • Easy to Use Instructor Station
  • Joint Training with HLA Compliant Simulators

Training Features

  • Cockpit Management
  • Operations of On-Board Avionics System
  • Instrument Let-Downs
  • Take-off, Landing & Hovering
  • Instrument Flying
  • NDB Homing
  • Precision Radar Approaches
  • Weapons Handling (for Attack Helicopters)
  • Force-on-Force Training with AI-Controlled Opposition Forces
  • Night Vision Procedures
  • Crew Co-ordination Training

Simulator Components

  • Realistic Helicopter Cockpit Mock-Up
  • 6 Axis Motion System offers Realistic Motion Cues
  • Visual System (Collimated if Required)
  • High-Fidelity Visual Databases (Geo-Specific and Geo-Typical)
  • Satellite Images for Out-the-Window View
  • Digital Sound Simulation Noises
  • Friendly Instructor Station - God’s Eye View Display
  • Touch-Screen-Panel System
  • Malfunctions Activation Control
  • Record & Playback of Performance
  • Debrief with In-depth Crew Performance