Air Distributed Mission Trainer

ADMT Display

ADMT Display

Expanding the capabilities of the traditional stand-alone flight simulator, Prescient’s Air Distributed Mission Training (ADMT) offers an Air Force the training edge for a real-time collective training battle space from a single location or from distributed sites.

Prescient’s ADMT is built on this vision where a number of cockpit simulators are networked together so that pilots from remote locations can conduct synchronized air missions in real time.

By linking a number of flight simulators together, the commander can simultaneously engage multiple pilots at multiple sites in a single training environment, thereby improving the quality and quantity of flight mission training and rehearsals.


  • Multiple Flight Training at Distributed Sites
  • Synchronized Training of Team Mission Tactics
  • 1-v-2 Mission Tactics Training
  • Force-on-Force Mission Tactics Training
  • Rehearsal of Flight Missions Before Taking To the Skies
  • Enhance & Accelerate Combat Proficiency
  • Weapon Familiarization & Operation
  • Improve Aircraft Handling & Navigation
  • Combat Assessment
  • Interoperable with Other Simulators
  • Increase Live Training Productivity

Air Distributed Mission Training Complex