Prescient Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd (Prescient) has delivered latest state of the art Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower simulator to one of Singapore’s leading institutes of Higher Learning. One of world’s largest 360° Tower Simulators, the new Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator is two-stories high, with a diameter of 13 metres. The Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator can be configured to emulate the working environment of any airport and is used primarily for air traffic management research.

The Tower Simulator features a cylindrical 360-degree panoramic view of the selected aerodrome and its vicinity. Multiple high-resolution projectors are used to simulate realistic weather and traffic conditions, complete with 3D models of aircraft.

To meet stringent building safety requirements, Prescient employed a novel calibration system to automate the alignment of the panoramic display which would not require any embedded sensors in the projection wall.  A precision laser based measuring tool coupled with a dedicated computer measures the display screen geometry and the projected image geometry to determine the extent of warping required at each projector.  This tool operates over the full 360 degrees of the display with a 135 degree elevation exceeding the requirements for this application.

Additional sensors have been installed to measure the projector’s light output and determine the colour corrections necessary for each channel.

The simulator provides for six ATC positions with an additional seventh supervisor position in the tower.  Each position has a custom built console which allows for optimal use of all display and presentation equipment which providing a comfortable workspace for operators.

Individual ATC positions are equipped with monitors and touch panels for communication, ground radar, airside situation, the arrival and departure manager, weather information system and flight plan data systems. The provided console is custom designed to allow for the flexible positioning of all monitors and panels while minimizing obstructions to the display screen.

The consoles are positioned to form a continuous table but may be reconfigured if required.    In addition to all necessary IT hardware, Prescient has also equipped the ATC positions with an extensive complement of auxiliary equipment such as headsets, foot switches, speakers and observers headsets.

In addition to the Tower Simulator, Prescient has delivered ergonomically designed consoles for the Radar Simulation facility.  These consoles are equipped with ATC specific 2K x 2K monitors in addition to other monitors found on the Radar Position and can be adjusted to meet varing height requirements.  The customizable consoles ensure that the students can optimally utilise the work space and mounted equipment. The versatile layout console allows researchers  to study how controllers perform their tasks under different configuration. Working together the Tower Simulator and the Radar Simulation Laboratory, researchers can test new flights routes and improve flight management in with a view to improving safety and increasing efficiency in air traffic operations.

Mr Pritam Singh, Executive Director, said, “We are pleased to have been selected to deliver this simulator for air traffic management that will provide a comprehensive environment for air traffic management researches and also provides exposure of the dynamic air traffic operation environment to graduates and undergraduates as well