Enhanced Combat Information System

Today, the success of modern warfare relies heavily on the speed of intelligence information collated from various sources and the efficiency of distribution of information. Supported by a superior innovative data-link system, our Enhanced Combat Information System (ECIS) simultaneously paints the combat picture for operator, tactical picture for field commanders, and strategic picture for area commanders. It is an all-in-one network solution.

 System Key Features:

 Situational Awareness

  •  Real Time Tactical Data Fusion
  • High Performance Computation Engine
  • Common Integrated Battlespace Picture

Active Database

  •  Dynamic Track Sharing
  • High Speed Updates for Combatants
  • Direct Relayed Data Propagation
  • Accurate depiction of Ground Truth

Rapid Resource Allocation

  •  Resource Deployment & Allocation Tools
  • Customisable to support user doctrine

Datalink Key Features:

Large number of participants

  •  Advanced Algorithm – Virtually Unlimited Participants
  • Robust Peer-Based system
  • Dynamic Self-Organising

Many Networks in One

  • Decision Need-based Variable Update Rate
  • Combat Net for Combatants
  • Tactical Net for Field Commanders
  • Strategic Net for Rear Commanders

Discrimination by Range

Variable Transmission Distance

  • Long Range Transmission Support

High security

  •  Full-Spectrum Anti-Jamming Techniques
  • Co-Channel Interference Suppression
  • Channel Noise Reduction
  • Encryption
  • Spoofing and Exploitation Protection

Built to satisfy airborne operational situation awareness, our ECIS improves the survivability, team level operational capability and co-ordination among fighting forces.